Repairing Carpet Ripples and Bumps

In the industry we nicknamed those carpet ripples “speed bumps”. And just like the bumps on the road designed to slow you down…carpet ripples do the same. And as time goes by, the ripples can get bigger and sadly, pose a trip hazard.

At All Clean, our professionals are trained to stretch the carpet back to normal and eliminate the ripples. We use special tools designed to flatten out the bumps and restore the carpet to like new condition again.

Cleveland Carpet Stretching

All Clean stretches carpet in Akron, Cleveland and surrounding areas in Ohio

But what causes the speed bumps to appear?

Typically its due to improper installation. The carpet wasn’t installed tightly to the tack strips. And once the carpet starts to become loose when heavy furniture is moved the carpet is pushed and pulled until bumps form.

The first thing that needs to be done is removal of the furniture so that the carpet can be re-stretched and re-installed properly. Any excess carpet is then trimmed. This gives the carpet a tight look without bumps or ripples.

If your carpet is experiencing ripples and you live in the Greater Cleveland area give us a call at (440)975-9000 today.


Carpet Cleaning Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

When spills happen and they will, it’s best to know how to take care of them.

cleaning tipsHere we share with you several carpet cleaning secrets every homeowner should be aware and why.

  1. Blot stains…don’t rub them. Common sense here people, blotting is safer and does NOT distort the carpet fiber like rubbing. Be gentle.
  2. Keep club soda handy. The carbonation in club soda helps remove beer and wine spots from your carpet. Get white towel add the club soda directly to the towel and blot up the spill.
  3. Ice it. The coldness is fantastic for removing gum, sticky candy and gum-like substances.
  4. Heat. And iron and white cloth come in handy when wax is the culprit in the spot or spill. Make sure the cloth is slightly damp and is placed on top of the spot or spill prior to using the iron. The heat of the iron will melt the wax and draw it into the cloth.
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide. Those tough blood spots can be reversed with a little oxygen power by using store bought hydrogen peroxide. The spot will foam, then blot up.
  6. Be green. Using eco-friendly cleaners can be safer for your pets and little ones, so keep a bottle around foo when spills occur.
  7. Scrape it. Dried food and candy can be tough to remove, but by using the edge of a spoon you can scrape up the hardened substance without doing damage to the carpet fibers.
  8. Deep Clean. When you just don’t know how to clean it or don’t have the time, call the professionals at All Clean at (440)975-9000

Carpet Cleaning Specials and Discounts

Trying to decide on a good carpet cleaner based on how cheap their prices is isn’t always the best way to hire a service. It seems in the cleaning industry prices and fees are all across the board and no two cleaners price the same.

This causes confusion amongst consumers who just want a clean carpet or sofa. They end up going with the cheapest cleaner. Sadly, the cheapest company usually uses inferior cleaning supplies and equipment because they just don’t charge enough to afford the best.

“Oh, but it sounds like a great deal!” Yeah, we get that. Its great to save money. Unfortunately, those advertising cheap prices sometimes need to cut corners in order to make a profit. They don’t allocate enough time for the job to be done properly, they perform the “ole splash and dash” to get in, and get out in under a certain time.

Nope! That type of service isn’t worth the discounted price.

Here at All Clean Ltd, we take cleaning seriously. And when we offer discounts, specials or coupons it’s with the sole purpose of gaining life long clients.

We’ve been serving the Cleveland, Akron Ohio areas since the early 2000’s and we want to be your cleaner of choice. So we never cut corners, we use the highest caliber supplies and we take our time cleaning to insure we follow strict clean protocols.

Call us today 440-975-9000


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