ALL-CLEAN’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long does it take for my carpet to dry ?
A– As little as a half an hour but typically between 2-4 Hours

QWhat should we do to prepare ?
A– Always vacuum your carpet often and especially prior to any cleaning, also remove knick-knacks and breakable items that could easily fall over when moving tables etc. and always make a spot for the truck and access to everything being cleaned. If you have any questions feel free to call and ask.

QHow long does it take for a basic carpet cleaning ?
A– Carpet cleaning for homes is usually about 15-30 min per area depending on soiling conditions and type of cleaning desired.

QHow much does it cost to clean my air-ducts?
A– It starts at $275 and goes up from there depending on the size and contamination of the system. The average home is usually around $325-350

QHow long does it take to clean my ducts?
A– About 2-3 hours on average larger homes and heavily contaminated systems may take longer.

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