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ALL-CLEAN’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t water hurt my carpet?

No, most new carpet fibers are designed to be cleaned with our equipment which virtually pulls almost all of the water back out with a very powerful vacuum.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Depending on humidity, the amount of dirt in your carpet and the type of carpet you have it usually takes between 2-6 hours to dry completely. But you can walk on wet carpet if your feet or shoes are clean.
Tip: Ceiling fans or other fans will aid in drying the carpet. Keep the air moving.

How long will it take to clean everything?

Carpet cleaning, on average, takes approximately 20 minutes per room to clean. For a couch and love seat about 45 minutes. If the area is heavily soiled or extra large in size, completion times may be slightly longer.

Are your chemicals safe for my family and pets?

Yes, we use only the best quality chemicals and they are completely safe for everyone including the environment. We can supply you with literature on all of our chemicals at your request.

How long before we can sit on our furniture?

You can usually sit on your furniture within an hour of being cleaned but drying times may be slightly longer depending on humidity and other factors.

Won’t there be a soapy residue left behind?

No soapy residue will be left behind. We rinse thoroughly and we use rinsing agents that neutralize the chemicals we use, bringing out the best color and texture back to your carpet and upholstery.

What should I do to prepare for a cleaning?

No prep work is needed when All-Clean cleans your carpet. We move all the furniture and put it right back when we are done. If you have a curio cabinet or a special piece of furniture we will be glad to empty and move it for you at your request. In addition we use plastic tabs and blocks to protect your furniture when we are finished.

Can you clean other things like my car or R.V.?

Yes, we have extensive experience cleaning the carpet, seats and fabric of a variety of vehicles. We clean most  fabrics and carpets. Have a question, give us a call.

Do you need electricity or water?

No, we have self-contained van-mounted equipment and we only use your water when our tank is low or for larger jobs thus saving us time and saving you money.